Privacy policy for the Biometric Attachment Test (beta)

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The Biometric Attachment Test is a new computerized psychological test, being developed in the context of a doctoral thesis by Federico Parra Silva in the University of Paris Descartes, France.

Your participation in this study can help us improve the test, by making it more accurate.

The time commitment for participating in this study is of 10 minutes.

During the study, you will be left alone with a computer/tablet, that will automatically introduce you to a set of images and music clips. You will be asked by the computer/tablet application to briefly describe what you felt after experiencing each stimulus.

As you are exposed to the stimuli, a webcam will be used to analyze your behavior and your physiology in real-time through a set of automatic algorithms. Video will not be recorded or transmitted in any way.

Your voice will be recorded, so that it can be automatically analyzed by another set of algorithms once the test ends. This analysis requires that the application sends audio data over the internet, through a secure protocol, to a distant server that conducts the analyses and sends results back immediately. No trace of the audio is left anywhere once the automatic analyses have concluded.

No identifiable data, such as voice, video, or personal information, will be kept on this device or anywhere else.

Anonymous, unidentifiable data, such as the stress level detected in the voice, will automatically be transmitted to the researcher working on this project in France.

Such anonymous and unidentifiable data will help improve the Biometric Attachment Test and might be used in publications.